Fun color schemes for holiday dining

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c1984 fun color schemes for holiday dining green Fun color schemes for holiday dining

Green, silver and white

Although silver and white are typically holiday and winter neutral colors, that all changes once you throw a little bright green into the mix. The brighter the green, the better. It turns a usually ho-hum mix into something more modern.

Hang this dazzling lime green, white and silver wreath on the door entering the kitchen from the dining room. It will set the tone for a night of festive revelry. Source: Pixels and Glue

Is there a fireplace in your dining room? Use this mantle as inspiration to set yours with silver and green trees, snowflakes and reindeer, as well as a green garland. It’s an easy conversational piece to keep the chatter going among the group. Source: An Enchanted Cottage

Simplicity is everything. Use a few bright green decorations to pop off of the white plates. Use silver ornaments for a DIY sparkling holiday chandelier. Source: Bower Power

See how to decorate a room using green garlands and plants. A little goes a long way. Source: Vita Ranunkler

f34e1 fun color schemes for holiday dining red white blue Fun color schemes for holiday dining

Red and turquoise

As a popular color combination for weddings, dessert tables and even bedrooms, why not add a holiday dinner party to the list? The red is nicely balanced and cooled by the turquoise.

Tie some store-bought or homemade tissue pom-poms in red and turquoise with white snowflakes to the ceiling around the dining area or buffet. Source: Urban Bliss Life

Giving out favors or gifts? This wrapping paper is an old school inspiration that will have people talking about your party for years. Source: Sweet Nothings

No green allowed here! A white tree adorned with funky turquoise and red ornaments will be sure to pop. If serving a buffet or offering a dessert or appetizer table, use a smaller tree and elevate on top of the table with a pedestal. Source: Tidy Mom

These are quite possibly the most precious handmade ornaments. There are also stars and candy canes to boot! All in red and turquoise. Source: Creative Homemaking with Constanca Cabral

This tree skirt is both colorful and country. You can make one yourself! Source: The Crafted Sparrow

7402d fun color schemes for holiday dining peacock Fun color schemes for holiday dining

Whimsical peacock hues

For the most adventurous, brighten up dreary moods coming in from the cold with a color scheme inspired by peacocks.

Show off your decorative feathers with an unimaginable holiday tree placed directly next to diners. Blue, purple, turquoise and even a little glitter. Source: It’s Little Things

If you are low on space but crave that over-the-top colorful fun in your home, place a few of these wreaths around the home instead. The turquoise, blue, purple and green will stun party goers in a good way. Source: Vienna Sparkle Wreaths

Wrap gifts for diners with something peacock print — like this beautiful wrapping job. Source: Owl and Peacock Shop (Note: The gift wrap is not for sale. It is available as a gift wrap option upon purchasing one of the store’s items.)

The best part of this spread is not only will it completely spruce up your dinner, but there is a wrapped-chocolate candy tree in the center. Delicious and elegant. Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

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